Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus

As we service more and more of these engines, this page will grow.  Servicing, troubleshooting, and repairing this engine is similar to the Minari.


Dimensions pull starter model

Dimensions MY19

Dimensions MY20

Electrical and ignition troubleshooting – not for the Moster specifically but more than enough info for nearly every problem

Electric starter information – schematics, photos

Fuel line installation – Pure silicone grease may be needed to aid installation otherwise the lines may split.  BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT THE FUEL LINE AT THE CARBURETOR INLET IS NOT LEAKING!  If there is no clamp at the inlet, use a 2.5mm (3/32") nylon zip tie double wrapped around the tubing.

General info – what is not in the owners manual might be found here

Owners manual – other than specifications, the owners/users manual is the place to go first.  All owners of the Moster must carefully read this excellently written manual.

Parts description (first version)

Parts description (later versions i.e. "dark evolution")

Parts description (later versions i.e. "dark evolution" dual)

RTV – e.g. Permatex Blue or Ultra Grey.  Used to seal case halves, some gaskets, and surfaces.  Apply with a clean finger.  Forget the spout that comes with the tube.  It is useless.  Use Ultra Grey for sealing surfaces that may become hot, like the exhaust flange gasket.  MORE SEALANT IS NOT BETTER!

Spark plug installation – do NOT waste time tinkering unless the spark plug is new, correctly gapped, and installed.


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