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Training pilots how to fly safely since 2008

Our goal

We want all students to have a long, safe, and pleasurable career as a paraglider pilot.  This takes extensive training and lots of practice, especially on the ground kiting the glider.  But it is worth the effort!  Along with hang gliding, it is the rawest form of aviation and the closest thing there is to being a bird.  If you have dreams of yourself flying through the air, they will end when you begin flying a paraglider!



This website is dedicated in memory of the heroes of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 10 and the SEALS in Operation Redwing who perished fighting the enemy in Afghanistan, June 2005.  We are proud to train warriors of the U.S. Armed Forces and those of our allies.

Our faith in Christ and His protection while we fly is a great help and comfort to us.

We honor Taylor Morris and warriors like him, including his wife, Danielle, who stood by her man after he was gravely wounded in 2012 while fighting the Mohammedans.

Gary Sinise Foundation

Southwest Airsports is a U.S. Department of Defense contractor.  Please view I Fought for You.



Had Robinson

Had Robinson – USHPA Master Pilot (P5), Tow Observer, Tow Tech 2, Advanced & Tandem Instructor, Gold Safe Pilot Award, Instructor of the Year 2017  – USPPA Advanced & Tandem Instructor, Instructor Administrator – Champion 2010 Spring Fling competition, La Belle, Florida

Jose Munoz

José Muñoz – Assistant Instructor & Sports Promoter   José, a U.S. citizen, lives in Chihuahua City, Chih., Mexico and helps with our operations in Mexico.  He travels frequently to the U.S. and has a home in El Paso, Texas U.S.A.

Marilyn Robinson - FlightBabe1 & tow assistant

Marilyn Robinson – Flightbabe#1, assistant instructor, & tow operator assistant.  If it were not for Marilyn, Had's wife, we could not have a safe towing operation.

Marilyn Robinson - FlightBabe1

Anna Pauline Brock, Marilyn's mother, was an airman long ago.  During WWII, Pauline's father traded use of his farmland for a military airstrip if the Civil Aeronautics Administration would train his two daughters how to fly.

Anna Pauline Brock

Please remember that enemies of our country and our Constitution are present at home and abroad.  Fight to preserve our Constitutional Republic.  Remember the parents of our fighting men – they raised sons who someday might have to do the heavy lifting only required of all young men.

A dad welcoming his son home

Kabul Airport, Afghanistan August 2021 – Valiant US soldiers rescuing an Afghan infant whose parents were likely killed after President Biden's "abandon our allies" order.  Were our fighting men punished for this act of compassion?  Hope of an Afghan parliamentary republic died that day.  What did these soldiers think about their own country?  Photo courtesy of Getty Images

US Soldiers save Afghan infant in Kabul - courtesy Getty Images