Paramotor Service & Assembly Information

1. Basics

A. Troubleshooting paramotors – Solve problems with your paramotor.  If a pilot is unable or cannot service his own paramotor, what should he do?

B. Engine break-in procedures – All new or rebuilt engines must be broken in.  If this is not done, the engine will have a much shorter life.

C. Paramotor essential tool kit – here are the tools from Harbor Freight (USA) and others that you need to work on your paramotor.

D. Paramotor assembly guide and accompanying video  This video is for the Miniplane Thor 130, others similar.

E. Shipping a complete paramotor for travel – How to properly pack and ship a complete paramotor (including the frame and harness).  These instructions are *not* for shipping a paramotor to Southwest Airsports for repair.

2. Paramotor info by make and model

Many of the issues with the Polini, Minari, Simonini, Vittorazi, and other engines are common to the Top 80 so be sure to check the Top 80 section if you cannot find what you are looking for.

General – Info common to all paramotors including torque values, electrical & ignition systems, etc.

Carburetors  WG-8  WB-37  Polini carburetors

Minari 180 & 200

Top 80

Polini Thor models

Simonini Mini 2 Plus

Vittorazi Moster 185

Turkey Vulture