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General Info on Paramotors

Most paramotors share a common design.  If you cannot find the info you need below, check the specific sections of your particular engine.

Bearing condition

Bearing replacement

Belt adjustment – How to adjust the redrive belt on any engine

Breaking in a new engine – a new engine generates more friction than usual.  It MUST be broken in carefully so it will last.

Carburetor Dimensions – by Gerry Farell – This information compares the dimensions of the various Walbro carburetors and is helpful if you are considering upgrading from the WG-8 to another Walbro model.

Compression check – One of the best ways to quickly check the overall health of an engine.

Crankcase pressure test – The only way to be sure the main seals and various gaskets are not leaking.

Cruise control – Not a good idea and here is why (page down to the end).

Cylinder head temperature gauge – Not having a CHT is like driving a car without any gauges or warning lights. Most of the time you don't need them....

De-carbonizing a two stroke engine – Alex Varv shows how to do it without removing the cylinder

Fuel & 2 Stroke oil specifications – Pilots must use the correct gasoline and oil for long engine life

Fuel filter – Unfortunately, the fuel filters that auto stores stock are not very good quality.  Here is some helpful advice.

Fuel mixed? – Is there oil in the gasoline?

Fuel system leaks – A rare but annoying problem

Fuel system test – A quick and easy way to tell if the system is functioning properly.

Fuel tank leaks – How to fix factory defects.

Harness adjustment – This is for the Miniplane Top 80 but works for most other harnesses.

Harness strap repair – Thin, tall pilots routinely experience buckle breakage on some harness models.  Here is an easy fix for the problem.

Kill switch problems

Mounts, engine – Mounts must be checked often.  If you replace them with the Viking mounts, do not make the mistake this pilot made.

Overheating – This will destroy an engine.  What causes it?  How is it prevented?

Performance issues – Does your engine run poorly, if at all?  This page can help.

Piston ring – How to tell if the ring needs replacement

Priming a paramotor – see "Starting a paramotor" below

Propeller hub removal & installation – how to get it off and on

Propeller Info – General information including how to correctly attach and repair it.

Rebuilding 2-cycle Engines – When is it time?  This helpful article from Utah Motor Trails can help you decide and gives the basics on how to do it.

Reed valves – Info on how to check them and replace them, if necessary

Sidestick mount protection – The sidebars and sidestick mounts will grind away on each other.  Here is a fix.

Smoke systems – Pilots must be extremely cautious when installing smoke systems on any 2 cycle engine with a tuned exhaust and here is why.

Spark plug info – Meaning of the NGK part number

Spark plug installation

Speed system pulleys – pilots are plagued with the poor quality, high friction Viadana pulleys from Miniplane.  Here is an alternative: the Harken

Starting a paramotor – with this technique, your engine will start with the first pull every time.

Tachometer – Is your engine due for routine maintenance?  Has power output changed?  You won't know without a tachometer/hour meter.

Threadlock – An important item in a pilot's toolbox

Throttle cable – Cleaning, modifications, and cruise control info.  For kill switch issues, see "kill switch problems" above.

Throttle placement in the hand while launching a paramotor.

Tools – Paramotor essential tool kit

Torque Values – This is the Top 80 specification page which has a thorough torque section.  Hit "page down" twice to see it.

Tune-up – Here is how to tune up the Walbro carburetor

Walbro WG-8 carburetor – This info can also be helpful for other models that have a fixed main jet.

Walbro WB-37 carburetor – This info can also be helpful for other models that have an adjustable main jet.