launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launching from Evergreen Turf farms


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About Us


Paragliding – Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) school #23.  All instructors are U.S. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (USHPA) certified.

Powered paragliding – U.S. Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) school #1672

For questions concerning our accreditation, you may contact USHPA 800-616-6888, USPPA 866-378-7772, or PASA.  Southwest Airsports, LLC operates in accordance with all PASA Safety Guidelines and all PASA School Standards.


This website is dedicated in memory of the heroes of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 10 and the SEALS in Operation Redwing who perished fighting the enemy in Afghanistan, June 2005.  We are proud to train warriors of the U.S. Armed Forces and those of our allies – Please view I Fought for You.  We honor Taylor Morris and warriors like him, including his bride who stood by him after he was gravely wounded fighting the Mohammedans.

Southwest Airsports is a U.S. Department of Defense contractor.


WE WANT YOU to learn how to safely fly a paraglider!  It is one of the hardest aircrafts in the world to fly safely and consistently – but it is worth the effort.

Had Robinson
Had Robinson – USHPA & USPPA Advanced and Tandem Instructor – Champion 2010 Spring Fling, La Belle, FL. – USHPA Gold Safe Pilot Award – Professional Air Sports Association instructor – USHPA Instructor of the Year 2017 – USPPA Instructor Administrator

Jose Munoz
José Muñoz – Assistant Instructor & Sports Promoter   José lives in Chihuahua City, Chih., Mexico and helps with our operations in Mexico.  He travels frequently to the U.S. and has a home here in El Paso.

Marilyn Robinson - FlightBabe1 & tow assistant
Marilyn Robinson – Flightbabe#1, assistant instructor, & tow operator assistant