Southwest Airsports, LLC
2105 Airport Road*
Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008

Southwest Airsports' first priority is training pilots how to fly safely.

PARAMOTOR SERVICE – On a limited basis we can service paramotors and the various subassemblies but it must be done at our shop.  Once we ship things back to you, we cannot provide further assistance e.g. how to correctly install a spark plug, reinstall an exhaust system, reconnect the throttle, adjust the carburetor, align the redrive, etc.  If this kind of additional help is needed please contact your dealer, a competent local mechanic, or you may ship us the complete paramotor including the propeller and we can do it.

*The above address is our operations address at the airport and not our shipping or mailing address.  If those are needed, please contact us by email and they can be provided.

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