Southwest Airsports, LLC
2105 Airport Road
Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008
(915) 726-2698

Note: The above address is our operations address at the airport and NOT our shipping or mailing address.  If those are needed, please contact us by email and they can be provided. 

Notice: Training pilots how to fly safely is the 1st and only priority at Southwest Airsports.  Sale of parts and service for paramotors are not priorities.  Wait times can exceed a month or more, depending on how busy we are.  Thank you for your understanding.

Training, service, and parts ordering – Please email us with questions, what you need, or would like us to do.  We will respond as appropriate, including an invoice which you can review and then pay online, if desired.

Technical support – We do not provide free support if you did not buy your equipment from us or if you are not a current student.  Thank you.

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