Simonini Mini 2 Plus

by Had Robinson

Note: The Fresh Breeze version of this engine is tuned differently and has different fuel-oil requirements and settings.

RTV – e.g. Permatex Blue or Ultra Grey.  Used to seal case halves, some gaskets, and surfaces.  Apply with a clean finger.  Forget the spout that comes with the tube.  It is useless.  Use Ultra Grey for sealing surfaces that may become hot, like the exhaust flange gasket.  MORE SEALANT IS NOT BETTER!  It is NOT as simple as most think!

Service manual (factory version)

Service manual (Fresh Breeze version)

Spark plug installation – do NOT waste time troubleshooting an engine unless the spark plug is new, correctly gapped, and installed.  IS NOT SIMPLE!

Specifications (both engines) – Dimensions, torque values, maintenance intervals, and other useful information

Timing – This page tells you how to time paramotor engines

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