Air Conception paramotors

All Italian paramotors use many of the same parts e.g. ignition system, carburetor, starter, throttle cable, engine & muffler mounts, spark plugs, etcs.  For details not found in this manual, check the General page..

Note: these engines do NOT have a 2nd method of shutting the engine.  Pilots who have experienced runaway engines will tell you what a terror it can be.  Always have at least (2) methods to shut down your engine.  Go to this link if you need a second way to shut your engine down while on the ground or when flying.

carburetor - WB37

Manual for the Nitro 200 & Tornado 280 - includes operation, priming, carburetor adjustment, torque values, spark plug information, and maintenance procedures and intervals.


Specifications for Nitro and Tornado engines

Cylinder head nuts torque - 23 Nm

Fuel oil ratio - 2% (50:1)

Spark plug - NGK BR10ES

Spark plug gap - 0.4mm (0.018")

Spark plug torque - 26 Nm