Where can I get my paramotor serviced?

updated December 13, 2022

Having a paramotor that does not run properly can be very frustrating!  The technical pages on this site exist because our students were unable to find the help they needed to service and repair their own engines.

If you cannot service your own paramotor, your dealer is not knowledgeable, or you do not have the time, the best shops to get service for paramotors are chainsaw, dirt bike, or go-kart shops.  They are all familiar with diaphragm carburetors like the Walbro.  Motorcycle shops rarely service engines that are carbureted and their knowledge is limited or non-existant.  Nonetheless, all shops will need access to web sites like this one for engine specifications and service procedures that are unique to paramotors.  Some of the Italian paramotor web sites provide the necessary information but it can be difficult to find or the English is inscrutable (and why this web site exists).  It is best to stay away from lawnmower shops as they are as likely to fix things as to make a bad situation worse.

Southwest Airsports can diagnose and professionally repair any paramotor engine or the parts thereof.  If you know exactly what you need done e.g., the engine top end, redrive, or carburetor rebuilt, you may ship us the individual part, including just the engine.  Keep in mind that it is common to have more than one part of a paramotor that is not working correctly.  If you are not sure what is wrong with your paramotor, you must ship us the *entire paramotor* including the propeller and harness.  This is required so that the paramotor can be flight tested.  Please keep in mind that we service engines when we have the time.  Our first priority is training pilots and taking care of the service needs of our students.  Everything else comes after that.  This means that it can take weeks for us to get to an engine, especially if we are traveling.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you require our services, please follow these instructions.