He She and some other matters...

by Had Robinson
Managing Partner
Southwest Airsports, LLC

"The term 'he' is used instead of 'he/she' and other such linguistically terrible constructs. The term is not used to imply gender, but specifies a member of the human race, otherwise known as the race of Man, or Mankind. This includes equally all genders of our species." – Hang Gliding/Paragliding Association of Canada

This site also uses the pronoun "he" to indicate male or female as required by the context, the correct meaning of this English pronoun. 

It is not, nor has it ever been, to spite or belittle women.  It is to reject the slanderous and false claims of Feminists that Western Judeo-Christian culture is responsible for the disgraceful treatment of women.  The very opposite is true and an honest review of history supports this.  Women have never done better than under the Christian faith.  When the Bible and true faith was forcibly removed from most public areas of our culture by unelected tyrants, the treatment of women has only gotten worse.  Godless Marxism uses everyone except the Party Comrades.  We would expect this from the party of lies and deceit, the Devil's brood.

As Jordan Peterson and others have noted, the he/she paradigm is compelled speech forced on us by radical politically correct authoritarians who delight in burning our culture to the ground.  What are they going to replace it with?  More chaos that benefits only them and certainly not the majority of women.

The Feminists do not care about the grim statistics of violence and suicide among the young and the escalating violence against women, in general.  It is "full speed ahead" regardless of the impact, especially on the poor, the homeless, the single-parent environments, and the day-care orphans.  Cultural Marxism is a disaster and it is a shame that this Hydra has its tentacles even in the ultralight organizations. 

Our sole purpose is to help pilots fly paragliders safely and enjoy our sport to the fullest.  All students at Southwest Airsports are treated without regard whatsoever to their sex or tribal membership.

Southwest Airsport's position on Feminism – a branch of cultural Marxism

This he/she paradigm is "the foot in the door" for the de-sexualization of the human race and its resultant increase in the chaos of our most intimate of relationships – that between a man and a woman.  The goal of Feminism is power and nothing else.  As we would expect, stirring up suspicion and hatred among people furthers their ascendency to power – a divided "enemy" is easier to conquer.  These people understand this.

A. First, some definitions...

Cultural Marxism (CM) has made communication between people even more difficult than it already is.  In general, their followers have incited people to hate and mistrust others.  CM ultimately demands that loyalty to a despotic government is more important than loyalty to one's spouse or even one's children.

Discussion with anyone who holds to CM is similar to having an argument with a television – but worse because, at least, a TV does not rage at us or call us names like these people do.   Below are some common words that are misused by CM followers.  They do not have the right to change our language!

B. What happened?

Firstly, please watch this Facebook post of a journalist's interview of Jordan Peterson (with some comments by Steve Turley).  Peterson focuses on the unfounded allegations, falsehoods, and distortions made by Feminists.

Feminism is a branch of cultural Marxism (CM) and has many goals, all of which are godless and despotic.  Feminists are never content, as the he/she paradigm demonstrates.  They raged at the proper meaning of "he".  What normal man or woman in the 1960's thought the term "he" was offensive when referring to anyone, a person, or the one?  After this, they were offended that women were paid differently than men, another CM piece of propaganda to incite envy and malice.  On it goes....  Like death and taxes, these women are never satisfied.

An important goal of the feminists goals is to promote the notion that men and women are identical, including physically and mentally.  According to them, apparent differences as to sex are irrelevant.  These "insignificant differences" are, according to the Feminists, due to animal properties forced on humans by early evolutionary processes.  Physical differences as per stature and strength are culturally derived in one way or another and, as such, must by any means necessary be discouraged and suppressed.  Men/boys must be taught to dislike activities that encourage violence or physical prowess and stature.  Women/girls must be taught that they can excel the same as men/boys in things physical, including fighting in the context of war.  Feminism looks forward to a time when technological advances will do away with coitus and pregnancy entirely.  Human DNA will be altered, appropriately, so new humans will be, for a lack of any other word, hatched.  They will be sexless, much like worker bees in a hive.  A person's size, width of the hips, and other external features will be eliminated in the DNA passed on to the farmed humans.  Androids will replace the necessity of nursing and taking care of the young.  On their evil agenda is the elimination of laws prohibiting prostitution.  They have already won victories placing

CM requires that the terms "he" and "she" must be eradicated from literature and history.  Anyone who promotes sexual distinctions must be silenced.  If such a person resists, medical science will be applied to help that person be restored to the correct human state a.k.a. applying psychotropic drugs to the unfortunate dissenter.  If that fails, off you go to the concentration camps created by Obamacare.   Speech and writings contrary to the good and noble goals of a sexless human race must be banned or destroyed.  This especially includes books like the Bible and the Koran whose primary purpose, according to CM, is to enslave humans to superstition.  And, ironically, all of this will be paid for in taxes from the very people CM seeks to destroy.

CM is fighting against nature and nature's Creator.  Steve Turley summed up one of Peterson's points from the interview above where he claims that human gender roles are culturally derived.

So, in the ancient [Greek] world, gender does not begin with humans or with animals.  Gender was, in fact, interwoven into the very fabric of nature and that the cosmos itself was organized according to gender categories.... We live in a gender reality.

Another aspect of CM is that if one tells a lie often enough, people will come to believe it.  There are many essays and facts of science that demonstrate that the notion that men and women are identical is false.  It would include military forces, heavyweight boxing, soccer and football, Olympic competitions, bearing children, the prison population, the trades (especially the hard and dirty ones) and others.  History also demonstrates profound differences.

Take for example, the well documented tragedy of the sinking of the MS Estonia September 28, 1994.  The summary below of who survived per their sex and age was in the Final Report by the authorities.  The joint commission hesitated in making these gender statistics available because they counter Feminist propaganda.

Only 26 (5 %) of the women on board, as opposed to 111 (22 %) of the males were rescued. The majority of the rescued were aged between 15 and 44 years. Only 3% of the males, but none of the females, over 65 years old were rescued.

Was there some culturally derived reason why young men between the age of 15 and 45 were more than 4.5 times as likely to survive as women of any age?

Why did the report use the passive voice "were rescued" as if the pilots of the rescue helicopters looked for men/boys 4.5 times more than for women?  Increasingly, in every venue, angry Feminists intimidate and threaten – and men have retreated in fear.

At 1AM on that tragic night people were struggling to escape a ship that was listing 90 degrees.  Those who made it to the top deck jumped or were swept into 50F degree water with 13'-20' waves and winds at 53-60+ mph.  The screaming by panic stricken women was so bad at times that no one could understand the announcements over the public intercom.  Only passingly mentioned in the report was that men/boys survived because they were better able to man the life rafts, withstand the cold water, the relentless overturning of the life rafts by the wind and waves, and the ability to hang on for dear life.

Nonetheless, there were a few brave women who did not lose their heads but remained focused and calm while "all hell broke lose", as one survivor noted.  Some of these heroines saved many a life that night but perished in the process.

The Wiki version of the tragedy, likewise, could only mention that "...the survivors were mostly young males with strong constitutions."  What about the young women with strong constitutions?  The editor of the Wiki page did not mention that the "young males" were between 15 and 45 years of age.  Of those over 65 years of age, 30 men survived but no women.

Below, one of the overturned life rafts from the MS Estonia (courtesy of Wiki).

  liferaft from the sinking of the MS Estonia

That there were 1 out of 7 who survived one of the worst maritime disasters in history (during peacetime) helped commissions understand what would help ensure a better survival rate in the event of a future tragedy of this nature.

The overall picture the commission gave was a combination of events occurring at the same time precipitated by the ship being hit by what was likely a rogue wave that tore the 50+ ton bow visor loose from the ship.  The crew had no way of knowing of the event until it was too late.  Here is an excerpt from the Final Report by two of the survivors.

In another raft two people were rescued, the repairman, and a male Swedish passenger. Both witnesses were washed from the hull by a wave. The Swedish passenger managed to climb onto a life raft which was floating upside down. On board were two girls in their twenties. The Estonian repairman swam for about ten minutes before being hauled on board the raft by the others. All four of them lay close together to keep warm and also massaged and hugged each other. Waves sprayed over them constantly, and washed them into the water four or five times. Each time they helped each other back on board, someone always managing to hold on to some part of the raft. The men wanted to turn the raft the right way up but the girls were very nervous and afraid of going into the water voluntarily to make this possible. When a wave once again washed over the raft, the two girls slid away and disappeared. The last thing the witnesses heard was one of them groaning.  Waves threw the two men into the sea at least twice more. After the last time, the Swedish passenger got caught in a rope, but the repairman managed to get onboard again. He tried to pull up the Swede but they were now both too weak. The repairman held the Swede in the water by the hands until a helicopter arrived and rescued them at about 0700 hrs. [Note: the 2 men were in the frigid water for about 6 hours.]

The lies and distortions of CM have swept through our nation with the goal of controlling every aspect of our lives, including our language and our intimate and natural relations.  The good and honest must stop these highly organized people, but it is not pleasant nor easy.  Discussion with them is impossible.  They do not wish to get along nor yield at any point of their revolutionary goals.  If anyone puts a toe out of line, he will get clobbered.  Courage is required in opposing this enemy of the good.

And this includes remaining firm in the words we use. They do not own the language that we speak and we must let them know this.  The meanings of words are critical in communication between people.  CM has disrupted it, including interfering with our republican form of government in a myriad of ways, especially in the Federal Judiciary.  Consequently, communication has become increasingly difficult and, sometimes, chaotic.   In National Socialist Germany, 90% of the public supported Mr. Hitler and we see the same trend here, especially among the young, the naïve, the slothful, and the gullible.

Other made-up words by CM, like “transgender”, are distortions that excuse moral turpitude and depravity, including same-sex attraction – the final end of godlessness in human beings.  A truthful word to describe them should be "antigender" because that is what they really mean.

If we use the pronoun “he" we are not attacking or belittling anyone except the hypocritical Feminists.

C. Feminist hypocrisy

Feminists knew for decades about people like Harvey Weinstein, Harry Cohn, and other Hollywood moguls who preyed on young women.  Why didn't they warn those young women actors that having sex with these creeps was required for their advancement as an actress?

Men are the ones who, when required, must pay the ultimate price (accepting injury and/or death) in order to preserve our civilization (what is left of it) from dangerous enemies who hate America, including our Constitution.

Selective service registration notice for young men

The Feminists are silent concerning the military draft – the requirement that all men 18-26 years of age must register.  When they rarely address this lopsided inequality, it is to oppose the draft and express their sentiments against war, a convenient sophistry.

Where were the demonstrations by these women protesting that they, too, should be subject to the draft during the Civil War?  World War I and II?  The Korean War? The Viet Nam War?  Today?  Where are the protests that military training and requirements are dumbed-down so that women can volunteer for service?  Why are men required to have their head shaved but not women?  How are fighting men going to feel being led by women officers who are there because of their sex alone?

The Chinese, the North Koreans, and the Russians are patiently waiting until American men are all eunuchs.  Then it will be their time.  Ultimately, it is troops on the ground that must win any conflict, not techies sitting behind computer screens operating drones.  We can be sure that anti-drone and anti-satellite technology is well established in the arsenals of our enemies.

It should follow that only those who have registered for the draft should have the privilege of voting in a constitutional republic.  They are the ones who have skin in the game or, in another way, are forced to put their lives at stake for the future of our nation.

Feminists want the privileges of citizenship but are unwilling to share its hard responsibilities as men did, for example, fighting the Japanese during WWII.

If you have not registered for the draft you are, by definition, a woman.  Note: the Selective Service has already thought of the perverted men who claim they are women, water buffalos, cats, kangaroos, etc.

 For every woman killed during the Viet Nam War 10,000 men died.

The draft derailed the lives of tens of thousands of men during that era.  The other wars were worse.  It has been a gross inequality of death.  How do Feminists propose to rectify this?  How about reparation payments to the men who served?  To the families who were robbed of their sons, brothers, or fathers?

Feminism is about laying on the vast majority of women tasks they cannot and should not do.  It is about creating enmity between the sexes in the most intimate of relationships, the home.  It is about disrespect and contempt for parents, turning blood relatives into informers and traitors.  It is about wrecking our civilization and the Constitution, which they hate, and undermining representative government.

Feminists are heartless and thankless.  They do not consider that such things as washing machines and vacuums which were invented by men for the primary benefit of women in order to reduce the drudgery of common household tasks.  When have Feminists thanked men like Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine?  Louis Pasteur?  When have they praised and thanked the men who fought in WWII?  The list is endless.

Feminist insolence, arrogance, thanklessness, and pride are insupportable.

Per the draft, here are some of the penalties for failure to register:

"Failing to register or comply with the Military Selective Service Act is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 or a prison term of up to five years, or a combination of both.  Also, a person who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to fail to comply with the Act is subject to the same penalties."

It is unfortunate if a depraved man attempts to excuse himself from registration (see below) by proclaiming himself a woman.  If such a person is drafted, our advice is:  stay out of the showers, stop taking your hormone pills, and try to get an Army desk job.

What happens to women who are captured by enemy forces during war?  A modern American example of a female POW is described in this Wikipedia account.  Among other things, it included rape and torture.  This woman was fortunate because she was allowed to live.

Being raped to death is not a happy experience.  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian poet and a Soviet Army officer during WWII, wrote a poem called Prussian Nights that details some of the vengeance applied by Russian soldiers to teenage German girls as they marched west. 

Women who think it's cool to be in combat with men might want to consider suicide rather than be taken captive alive.  This is to say nothing about the sex-chaos resulting from women and men living in close quarters.  (What are open homosexuals doing in combat units?  They should be cleaned out and jailed, as they have been in armies throughout history.)  Women in the U.S. military can get discharged honorably if they become pregnant.

Here are the US Army rules for lactating soldiers (this is not a joke).  We live in an upside-down world right now where Feminism and homosexual depravity is more important than national security or our future.

Pregnant US Army soldier

Lactation Policies: Commanders must provide lactating Soldiers with a private space other than a restroom to sit down that includes a flat surface to place a breast pump, electrical outlet, refrigerator to store expressed milk, and access to a safe water source within a reasonable distance.  Lactating Soldiers may take lactation breaks for at least 30 minutes every 2-3 hours.  Lactating Soldiers are eligible for field training and mobility exercises after completing the postpartum deployment deferment period.  However, where proper lactation accommodations cannot be provided, lactating Soldiers remain exempt for 24 months from CTC rotations, deployments, and training events.

The Selective Service is explicit about the unfortunate few who cannot figure out what the human race is, oppose nature and nature's Creator, and have fallen for the trendy decadence and wickedness that has overtaken our nation.

It is not "celebrating diversity" but "celebrating decadence".

"TRANSGENDER PEOPLE  Individuals who are born female and changed their gender to male are not required to register. U.S. citizens or immigrants who are born male and changed their gender to female are still required to register." - from the Selective Service System website

D. Lies

Feminists are not interested in helping the majority of women nor obtaining equality with men.  Their main concern is achieving power over men and emasculating them whenever and wherever they can.

E. Deceptions

Feminists claim to be patriotic and want what's best for the country.  If that were true they would not want to deceive other women into putting the children they bear into day orphanages where there is no love and, too often, where bad children attack the weaker.  Should three year olds know how to bite and scratch in order to defend themselves?  But what can we expect from minimum wage daycare employees who are probably having their own sex crises?

It is not about "women's liberation" but about "women's enslavement" to human vices that weaken and destroy cultures, especially the home.  Mexico is paralyzed by absentee fathers that especially effects boys and young men.  Go to any non-Muslim country in Africa and walk about after dark in a city as a visitor and see what happens....

F. Modern American Hero Kim Davis

Thankfully, there are some who have stood up against the godless Marxists and their mass campaign of anti-Christian bigotry, disorder, dissension, and repression. 

Kim Davis was the only county clerk in the U.S. who stood up to the criminal meddling by the Supreme Court in one of the most intimate relationships between humans: marriage between a man and a woman.  The Court's utter contempt for thousands of years of good sense, custom, and history will prove to further continue the spread of bitter disorder in the lives or ordinary citizens and, especially, in children.  Marriage is not defined by some gang of out-of-control Marxists in a misuse of their authority but is defined by the Creator of all that there is: the universe, time, all matter and energy, and the natural laws that organize and order it.  Standing up against the depraved pair who demanded a marriage license cost Davis her job and some jail time.

“While the church of Jesus Christ slumbers comfortably in their padded church pews, Kim Davis went to bat for all of us by challenging the seats of political power, going to jail for her faith, and ultimately planting a stake in the ground for religious freedom. My children and I will always admire her,” - Elizabeth Johnston, known as The Activist Mommy
“When history called upon Kim, she was both ready and willing to respond. Will the same be said of you?” -Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

Where were the County Clerks who are men?  Were they all more interested in their jobs rather than what is right and best for our national future?  Even the Chinese Communists prohibit homosexual marriage.  Laws and customs in India are similar (but may change due to an expected ruling by its supreme court).  Nothing needs to be said about Islamic prohibitions against same-sex marriage.  If anyone wants to see what the future is for laissez-faire men/men, women/women, and men/women relationships, take a look at non-Islamic Africa and most of south and central America.  Some countries in Africa that are predominately Christian do outlaw homosexual behavior and marriage, even meting out the death penalty.  These nations realize that homosexual behavior and loose bonds between the parents of children leads to criminal chaos and anarchy.  Isn't that what is in full swing here?

Kim Davis, former County Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky

On top of losing her job and jail time, a lawsuit instigated by the depraved pair who demanded a marriage license ended in her being ordered to pay $260,000 in fines and damages.  Liberty Counsel is defending Davis and is encouraged that an Appellate Federal Court and even the Supreme Court will strike down the verdict.  If you would like to help Kim Davis, go to this Liberty Counsel page.

There website has extensive information on the case.  Kim also wrote a book of her ordeal for righteousness sake, "Under God's Authority".

G. The right attitude

Contrary to the many, we at Southwest Airsports salute the men who served during the wars.

This particularly includes draftees who had no choice but to report or go to jail.

We also salute the women who stayed home and took care of their children and other dependents, as they should, also doing what they could to serve and help their men and the war effort.

This writer's father-in-law was a WWII veteran of the D-Day invasion that helped save the world from the tyranny of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (a.k.a. the NAZI).  American men may once again have to save our nation from the dreadful curse of communism/socialism/fascism and other despotic schemes that enslave people.  Watch the Feminists go and hide, as they always have done, when that happens.

Charles Easley, Marilyn Robinson's father in 1945.

Charles Easley - WWII D Day Veteran

A few yards away from Easley's grave in Kingston, Oklahoma is the resting place of 1st Lt Rory Madden, aged 25.  He was mortally wounded attempting to rescue two of his men who had been shot by the Viet Cong during an ambush.

During this war, the Marxists and their pals sat safely in university chairs scheming away and filling the minds of college students with political and moral filth.

Thanks to the feckless President Carter, the draft dodgers and their accomplices were all pardoned for their treasonous actions.  They returned to the U.S. and wormed their way back into our universities and colleges, government, and the majority of the popular media.  How could a decent President do this?  What is there in common between our Constitution and Marxism?  Or with Socialism?

Rory A. Madden

tombstone of 1st Lt Rory Madden who died in Vietnam

Thankfully, there are still some left who honor the sacrifices of these men and many others like them.

Southwest Airsports has proudly trained members of the U.S. Armed Forces, the vast majority of our graduates.  Southwest Airsports also worked briefly for the U. S. Dept. of Defense as a contractor helping to stop the flow of illegal drugs into our country from Mexico.

What is too common throughout most of the world?  Again, consider our neighbor Mexico – a nation of mostly slaves run by the godless according to the Rules of the Jungle.  This writer worked there for many years, speaks Spanish, and understands how that government works.  The good citizens there are largely helpless.  Many emigrate (legally) to the U.S.  The mess Mexico endures is moving north, especially violence, bribery and nepotism.  Do we want more of this than we already have?

The leadership of the Democrat Party and many so-called Republicans despise our Constitution and our republican form of government.  This cabal has plundered our nation of its political, economic, and social strength using fear, deceit, vote-buying, sophistry, and other trickery.

Our hope is that good and godly citizens will take back their country.  Former President Donald Trump understands this – the first true political outsider we have had since Teddy Roosevelt.

Can it be done peacefully?  That is our earnest hope.  Doing something that is unselfish and for the greater good of all citizens begins at home.  Good government does not just happen.  Citizens must put aside selfish ambition, especially love of money and success, and throw these rascals out at the ballot box, wherever they may find them.  The place to start is the county in which you live.