Polini Thor 100

Note: the WG-8 is out of general production and all production may end soon.  It is still available from some paramotor shops but is more than double the cost a year ago.  The WB-37 may be used in place of the WG-8 and is still available on the open market.  The WB series carburetors do not have a choke, however.

The Thor models share a common design.  The info below is unique for the 100.  Please see the Thor models section for info that is not found here.  The Top 80 section has detailed info on things like the carburetor function and tune up (used by all Miniplane and Polini engines), and troubleshooting issues.

Carburetor – Walbro WG-8 main jet #130 or #140  Note: your carburetor may be different!

Choke – What does it do?  Why have it?

Cylinder head, temperature, maximum – 230°C and 250°C maximum running temperature, never exceed 265°C/280°C but only for a few seconds.

Engine Image

Note Polini updates these lists frequently so the diagrams may not be 100% accurate.

Parts Diagram without Flash starter

Parts Diagram with Flash starter

Spark plug NGK BR10EG gap 0.9mm (0.035")

Specifications – What is not here can be found in the "User & Maintenance Manual" below.

Starting – Start your engine the first pull, every time.

User & Maintenance Manual

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