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Weather Info

Explanations of the tools below and more

Introduction to weather for ultralight pilots

NWS Poteau, OK forecast

NWS hourly forecast – Poteau, OK

Wister, OK – current conditions

Stigler, OK – current conditions

Poteau, OK – current conditions at the Poteau airport

Kiamichi – current conditions near Panorama launch

Buffalo Mountain Flyers – current conditions & more at Buffalo Mountain

WeatherLink station at Buffalo Mtn – requires a free logon (more info)

MesoWest stations Ouachita Mountains – current conditions

Guide to safe flying

Weather for Aircrews – Basic weather info for non-professionals

Pivotal Weather – an outstanding site for anything weather but it requires some work and know-how

SPC Balloon Soundings (every 12 hours)

UoW Balloon Soundings – usually available before the SPC soundings for 72364 (ELP)

Jet Stream and 4 day forecast – Pivotal Weather (above) gives much more accurate info on the Jet

NOAA Satellite image of moisture and clouds over the USA

Windy – animated map of winds and other data over the surface of the world

Wind History Map – actual vs. forecasts

Weather Spark – monthly, daily, and hourly graphical reports anywhere on earth

SkyVector Aeronautical Chart – road maps of the sky including TFR's

NWS Woods Hole, MA

Current and Future Events

Fall 2020

Introductory videos:  The Dream of Human Flight is now a Reality - The Joy of Paragliding – a fine video production by Steve Crye showing the elements of why we love to fly.  Let's go places (from Toyota), Featured video and introduction to paragliding (from the National Geographic),  Fly like a bird (from USHPA)

Nearly every country in the world promotes and loves adventure sports, like hang gliding and paragliding.  Switzerland even put an image of a guy paragliding on their 50 Franc note.  Our sport is popular because it is the purest and rawest form of aviation there is and one that an average person can afford (about the price of a 10 year old used car).

Training month of November

On schedule!

Recent Events

October 4, 2020 Sunday – Kerr Airport in Poteau, OK

Britton Shaw hosted a Fun Camp of about (10) pilots at the airport Sunday afternoon.  It was a time of kiting practice, paramotor training, and getting towed up via Southwest Airsports' heavy duty winch.

Kiting in a big green area east of the runway.  Jason Arnold in torpedo form (C) getting his glider ready to give him a 6' pop into the air.

paragliding at Kerr Airport, Poteau, OK

Britton helping Todd Peele get safely connected to the glider.  A windsock by Marilyn streaming away in the background.

paragliding at Kerr Airport, Poteau, OK

One PG pilot coming back to land after a tow (L) and a PPG pilot (R) enjoying the late afternoon air.

paragliding at Kerr Airport, Poteau, OK

September 19, 20 Panorama – Ouachita National Forest

But for the haze from the California fires, we had two great days flying.  There were about (20) pilots total.  Out in front of launch going up. 

paragliding at Panorama, Ouachita Mtns, Oklahoma

Haze has gotten a little better the last few days.  The 40 mile long Talimena highway goes along a high ridge of the Ouachita's from Talihina, OK to Mena, AR.  Looking north, launch is at the center, the cleared area to the right of the highway.  Yours truly is parked over the radio/cell towers south of launch.

paragliding at Panorama, Ouachita Mtns, Oklahoma

Huge LZ - hard to miss... 

paragliding at Panorama, Ouachita Mtns, Oklahoma

How beautiful is this?  Of course, LZ's are limited other than trees.  There were pilots this weekend from many states including Arkansas and Texas.

paragliding at Panorama, Ouachita Mtns, Oklahoma


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