Some introductory info about Paragliding

Valle de Bravo

Setting up to land in the LZ at Valle de Bravo after an XC flight in central Mexico

Paragliding – a quick guide (from Cross Country Magazine)

Paragliding: A Quick Guide

The Dream of Human Flight is now a Reality - The Joy of Paragliding – a fine video production by Steve Crye showing the elements of why we love to fly.

 (from Toyota)

Featured video and introduction to paragliding (from the National Geographic),  Fly like a bird (from USHPA)

Nearly every country in the world promotes and loves adventure sports, like hang gliding and paragliding.  Switzerland even put an image of a guy paragliding on their 50 Franc note.  Our sport is popular because it is the purest and rawest form of aviation there is and one that an average person can afford (about the price of a 10 year old used car)