Paramotor Warning and Caution

Always remember that an ultralight's power plant can quit working at ANY time.

NEVER FLY OVER TERRAIN WHERE YOU CANNOT MAKE A SAFE LANDING.  Always fly within gliding distance of a safe landing area.  Do you have to cross areas on which you cannot land?  Climb higher or go around.  It's that simple.  NEVER fly in strong winds (15 mph or more).


The ultralight, engine and/or components do not comply with Federal safety regulations for standard aircraft and have not received any safety or durability testing.  An ultralight is for use in circumstances in which a power plant failure will not compromise safety.  Before using an ultralight, engine and/or components, read all instructions thoroughly.


The ultralight's power plant is subject to sudden stoppage.  Power plant stoppage can result in forced (emergency) landings.  Such landings can lead to serious bodily injury or death if they are not done is a safe area.  Never fly any ultralight equipped with any engine and/or components at locations, airspeeds, altitudes, or other circumstances from which a successful no-power landing cannot be made.   Never depend on a power plant to keep you in the air.


If you ever fly into situations where a power plant failure would be hazardous, you are at risk.  If you ever find yourself trusting the safety of a power plant, you are at risk.  You have the ability to eliminate that risk.

Users of ultralights assume all risk of use and acknowledge by their use that the power plant is subject to sudden stoppage where they will be forced to land.


Any sport involving heights, moving parts or flammable fuel may cause injury or death   A TOTAL AND COMPLETE PREFLIGHT check before each and every use is of utmost importance.   LOOSE CLOTHING AND HAIR can be easily sucked into not only the propeller but into the cooling fan intake.



Each and every component must be checked before each and every use. Inspection of power plant is the responsibility of the user.

This information is by no means a complete list of things that may need to be checked or could go wrong. Scenarios involving human quality control, unfamiliar applications and uses, and consumer assembly error are too numerous to mention here. Use proper discretion when using and DO NOT use without receiving proper training.

Extreme caution should be exercised when assembling or using an ultralight, power plant and/or components, along with patience and knowledge of proper use and care.