Emergency Action Plan

Southwest Airsports, LLC
24261 Palmilla Dr. Wister, Oklahoma 74966 U.S.A.

1. Ground school & continuing education

Ground school and continuing education classes are held at various locations in Wister, OK.  Toilet facilities are always available.

Fire Emergency

When fire is discovered:
Notify the local Fire Department by calling 911.
Move everyone out the building and into the street
Take a head count to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Fight the fire ONLY if

The Fire Department has been notified.
The fire is small and is not spreading to other areas.
Escaping the area is possible by backing up to the nearest exit.
The fire extinguisher is in working condition and personnel are trained to use it.

Remain outside until the competent authority (Designated Official or designee) announces that it is safe to reenter.


There has never been any significant earthquake in this region.  If there should be one, stay calm.  We will ask occupants to move to the safest location.  If inside the house, the bathroom is the safest place to be.   If in the garage, move everyone in an orderly fashion to the street.

2. Flight Instruction

Flight instruction is held at the following sites.  These sites are not visible from public roads.  So that EMS or others can get to the sites, we will provide the GPS coordinates of the emergency location.  We usually have a BRIGHT ORANGE windsock visible so that anyone in the vicinity can see us.

1. (to be completed)





First Aid Preparation

The First Aid kit is always in the back-seat area of our winch truck.  Since there is no address where we train, the general directions and coordinates to the turf farm are located inside the first aid kit.  Also, the address and precise directions are located in the ‘notes’ section of contact info for 911 in the instructor’s smartphones. The instructor is required to keep a phone with him at all times while teaching.  Water bottles are brought to the training area, usually in the rear of the Tacoma pickup which always tows out the winch.  Students are encouraged to drink water often to reduce the chances of dehydration or heat stress.

In the case of a training accident

Since instructors are trained in First Aid and CPR, they will apply that knowledge to assess the situation and act accordingly.  All flying activity will stop until the injured person is assessed, first aid is rendered or the injured person is removed from the flying area.

Minor Injury

Utilize the First Aid kit to attend to the injury as required.  Determine if the injury affects the student’s ability to continue with lessons.  Advise student to seek professional medical advice upon getting home.

Intermediate – Major Injury

Stabilize the patient and the situation. If a wing is involved, be sure that the wing is stabilized or detached and does not present an opportunity to cause further injury to the student.

Assess the situation

Call 911 if determined to be needed.

Keep the student stable and comfortable until EMTs arrives.  Administer any first aid or CPR that is needed until EMTs arrive. Details of all accidents are recorded on an Accident Report form and submitted to the insurance company and kept on file along with a copy of the student’s waiver.

Nearest hospital

Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center
105 Wall St
Poteau, OK 74953
(918) 647-8161

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