1. Top dead center gauge    2. Metering lever gauge    3. External pulse port kit

1. 10mm top dead center (TDC) gauge

This custom made gauge will allow pilots to properly set the timing on the new cylinder heads that have the 10mm spark plug.

10mm TDC gauge


2. Metering lever gauge

Southwest Airports makes this custom gauge that is similar to the official Walbro gauge but has the correct dimensions for the *button-type* diaphragm found in nearly all WG repair kits sold in North America and the EU.  For details on the differences in the gauges, see the carburetor tune up page.

metering lever gauge

The gauge is stamped on one side with "" so as not to be confused with the official Walbro gauge and all of the clone gauges (photo above is not of the actual lettering on the gauge).

Use of the custom gauge will save time, trouble, and expense for all pilots who service the Walbro WG or WB  carburetors.  Fortunately, the WB repair kits come with the height of the ML set correctly but, even so, the ML height should always be checked because the ML lever can be accidentally bent in handling.

How to use the Southwest Airsports gauge gauge

gauge w bubble-pack 1 oz./28 grams


3. External pulse port kit

This kit has what is needed to create an external pulse port on any paramotor.  Instructions

External pulse port kit

Includes: (1) 6mm brass barbed fitting, (1) M6 x 1mm tap, (1) 5.0mm drill bit