YAESU FT-60R transceiver modified for USHPA frequencies

YAESU FT-60R 2m handheld transceiver

144-148 / 430-450 MHz Dual Band Hand Held FM Transceiver - 5 Watts - 1000 Memories - Wideband RX.  Shipping time is approximately (14) days from date of order, depending on how busy we are with training.  This is, hands down, the most reliable, easiest to use, and best hand-held 2m transceiver out there.  Its most important feature is that it will display the battery voltage when turned on.  It is the only radio on the market that has this important and handy feature.

The Baofeng (which we use ground-to-ground) works but has serious limitations, especially receiver sensitivity and interference from out of band transmissions by others e.g., business band transmissions by car dealers and utility workers.  A decent antenna for the Baofeng costs as much as the radio.  It is not a good idea to use the Baofeng for any air to ground transmissions.  Radios for pilots should be reliable and have a good range and that is why the YAESU, ICOM, and others cost 5X of the Baofeng.  There are pilots who would be alive today if they had owned a high quality radio and also knew how to operate it.  It is not so simple....

When you receive your new radio, please go to this site to learn how to setup and use it without having to sort through pages and pages of a manual.

This transceiver may be ordered with the YAESU handheld speaker-mic which makes radio operation handy while flying.  To reduce wind noise, purchase a furry windscreen cover for the speaker-mic like this one from eBay.

YAESU SSM-17A handheld speaker-microphone

NOTE: In order to purchase this transceiver, please supply your USPHA or USPPA membership number.  Membership in these organizations must be current.

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