Sidestick mount protection

There is no protection on the stock Top 80 paramotor frame to prevent the sidebars and the lower sidestick mounts from rubbing together.  Eventually, the mounts will wear away at the ends and contact the sidestick.  Here is a fix.

Parts needed:  some 1/2" automotive heater hose , some nylon zip ties.

Cut (2) pieces of the hose 1 1/2" long.  Punch two holes on opposite sides in each piece of hose.

Remove the lower two sidesticks.  Thread a zip tie through one of the holes, wrap the tie around the frame by the mount.  Put the end of the tie through the other hole.  Slip the hose over the mount and fasten the tie.

Note:  Just wrapping the hose tightly with a zip tie or using black tape will not work.  There is a constant force on the hose when the engine is running which is strong enough to move it away from the mount.  It must be fastened as shown.

It will look like this.  After many hours, the rubber hoses will wear out and will have to be replaced.

Top 80 sidestick mount protection

Top 80 sidestick mount protection

Top 80 sidestick mount protection