Robert S Kerr Airport (KRKR) Poteau, Oklahoma

1. General Information

35.019802°  -94.618902°
1900 Airport Road  Poteau, OK 74953
(918) 647-4266 or (918) 647-7576
CTAF/UNICOM 122.800  AWOS 120.625
Rossi & Annette Christenberry, Airport Managers
Robert S Kerr Airport is owned and maintained by the City of Poteau.
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Robert S Kerr Airport  Poteau, OK

photo by Had Robinson

Mayor Scotty White of Poteau, OK.  He is also a pilot and helped us with basing our school at the airport.

Mayor Scotty White of Poteau, OK 

2. Information for ultralights

Warning: MTR (military training route) VR-1130 is just northeast of the airport.  Aircraft speed can exceed 250 knots and be at altitudes lower than 1,500' AGL.   I recommend that all ultralights flying near this route have a strobe that is easily seen during daylight hours such as this one.  See the strobe page for instructions on how to install it.


All ultralights are warned to stay away from the approach to riunway 19 (red line).  General aviation aircraft cannot see you. 

Poteau Airport KRKR

Risk Management Assessment plan

3. Directions to Hangar #14 (Southwest Airsports)

Come in the airport entrance (top of photo) and go through the open gate, immediately turn right at the "y", head towards the taxiway that goes north/south through the airport to the end of the buildings, then left onto the taxiway that goes to our hangar, the last one in the airport.  The hangar has a huge sign with our name on it so you cannot miss it.

Robert S. Kerr Airport  Poteau, Oklahoma USA