launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launching from Evergreen Turf farms


paragliding training center

Legal Details

1. Release, waiver, & assumption  All students must agree to and sign our release of liability, waiver of legal rights, and assumption of risk (RWA) agreement.  If you are training for paragliding (not powered paragliding), you must also agree to and sign the RWA's of our certifying organizations: PASA and USHPA.

2. Weather  All training is subject to weather conditions at the training site and can be canceled at any time and rescheduled.

3. NO Refunds  There are no refunds of student fees as a result of lessons being canceled due to weather conditions. Lessons canceled as a result of weather will be rescheduled. If we are unable to complete a program due to an operational shutdown, we will pro-rate a refund or merchandise exchange. There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate their training program with us. Programs are not transferable to another individual.

4. Missed training  A surcharge may be applied if a student has missed training for more than (8) weeks unless it is our fault.

5. Reservations for training are required and are not confirmed until the full tuition fee for the program is paid. Southwest Airsports LLC reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.  All previous editions of this web page are obsolete.

6. Warnings  Any form of sport aviation, including paragliding, is inherently dangerous and can result in death or serious injury to the pilot.  Extreme caution must be observed at all times.  Paragliding is not a casual sport that you can safely do once in a while, such as with most other sports.  It is an extreme sport.  Your long term safety depends on regular practice and training. Those who paraglide assume significant risk to their lives and safety.

7. Dealing with anxiety  If you tend towards panic or get disoriented easily, paragliding is probably not for you.  This sport has many dangers and requires steady nerves to do it safely.  The good news is that most people can overcome their natural anxiety/fear of heights enough to fly safely and enjoy this unusual sport.  New pilots have to be patient with themselves.  It may takes dozens of flights before you can really enjoy the other-worldly freedom of being a bird.  This pilot took months of training to overcome the fear he had when first flying.

Take up this sport if you think you would love the prospect of being like a soaring bird flying above the world and are willing to assume the risks.  If you train carefully, these risks are greatly lessened.  It is not unnatural to sometimes have modest anxiety while flying a paraglider – it is a good attitude to have as it helps promote proper respect for the air and what we do.

We fly because we love paragliding as there is nothing in the entire world like it.  The experience is euphoric.