launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launching at Evergreen Turf farms


 paragliding training center – PASA certified

Santa Teresa, New Mexico

Weather Info

Explanations of the tools below and more weather info

Intro to Weather in the southwest

El Paso National Weather Service – start here!

Pivotal Weather – an outstanding site for anything weather but it requires some work and know-how

NWS hourly graphical forecast – temp, winds, & gusting at the surface

Meso West Region – current conditions at stations in the SW

Santa Teresa NWS (current conditions)

SPC Balloon Soundings (every 12 hours)

UoW Balloon Soundings – usually available before the SPC soundings for 72364 (ELP)

Jet Stream and 4 day forecast – Pivotal Weather (above) gives much more accurate info on the Jet.

Vorticity @ 500mb click "500mb Vorticity" in the middle of the screen

NOAA Satellite image of moisture and clouds over west Texas – NM

Windy – animated map of winds and other data over the surface of the world.

Wind History Map – actual vs. forecasts

SkyVector Aeronautical Chart – road maps of the sky including TFR's

Current and Future Events

Training & Flying

Training - Happy New Year! -- January -- We are in the peak of our training season.  Payment of tuition will reserve your preferred date and time.

Introductory videos:  Let's go places (from Toyota), Featured video and introduction to paragliding (from the National Geographic),  Fly like a bird (from USHPA),
Paragliding in Franklin Mountains State Park (from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Austin, Texas), A PG student learns pilot math!

Nearly every country in the world promotes and loves adventure sports, like hang gliding and paragliding.  Switzerland even put an image of a guy paragliding on their 50 Franc note.  The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has opened the doors of Texas parks to USHPA pilots.  Other public land administrators in the U.S. should do the same.

Recent Events

October 14 Sunday -- Kilbourne Hole

Hachita Valley turned west this afternoon and that was the cue to get to Kilbourne Hole for some soaring.  If Hachita is south or southwest, Kilbourne will usually be the same.  Winds were 280 @ 7-9, a bit weak but soarable.  Yours truly arrived just before 5pm and setup.  After two flights and two top-landings it was time to return home.  Below, East Launch looking east. 

paraglding at Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico

Soaring the maar -- view is north along the Rim.  What a great day to be in the southwest.  Sadly, it will be awhile before it's safe to fly again.

paraglding at Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico

Paragliding in south central New Mexico.  The towering clouds in the distance are strong thermals coming off the Potrillo Mountains.  It rains a lot out there, probably double of what we get in the Rio Grande Valley.  Photo by Steve Crye

paragliding in south central New Mexico 

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