Engine parts & tools

1. 10mm top center (TDC) gauge    2. 100% Dyneema starter cord

1. 10mm top dead center (TDC) gauge

This custom made gauge will allow pilots to properly set the timing on the new cylinder heads that have the 10mm spark plug.

10mm TDC gauge


2. 100% Dyneema starter cord

1.25m (4.1') x 3.0mm 100% Dyneema starter imported cord which is of superior quality to the Miniplane OEM cord.  It is ordinarily used in the rigging of sailboats and is designed for extreme strength and durability. It is also 0.25m longer than the original cord. Taking an engine off the frame and disassembling the starter is not particularly easy and you want to do it as infrequently as possible. This cord fits various starters, including the Miniplane Top 80. We can supply the correct length of cord for the Polini 1.8m (5.9').  Note: exact length of cord may vary a small amount.

100% Dyneema start cord

cord length