HanWag Sky GTX ultralight boots

We can supply HanWag GTX boots to American customers through the gray-market.  However, there are no guarantees nor customer service.

HanWag GTX boots

These boots are some of the finest in the world for hang gliding, paragliding, and base jumping.  However, American tort law has destroyed our native manufacturers and suppliers of ultralight equipment including gliders, paramotors, and accessories (like boots) that increase our safety doing air sports.  It is too bad that our last native manufacturer of hang gliders and supplier of other ultralight equipment, Wills Wing, had to leave the U.S. for Valle de Bravo, Mexico.  It is a disgrace and another example of the corruption and decay of our Federal Judiciary.

HanWag GTX boots

But Southwest Airsports to the rescue!

We do not give a damn about American lawyers who get fabulously rich suing companies and people.  In a principled response, we have negotiated with a secret and foreign third party that is not under U.S. jurisdiction who will provide us with corporate contraband.  They are pleased to supply "dangerous" equipment, like jump-boots, to pitiful Americans who must endure a mommy-culture.  These boots have proven to make landings safer.  Please do NOT leave the U.S. because you are sick of American lawyers prostituting the law of the land.  Things may change but it probably will not be peaceful, as these greedy interests will do anything to continue to milk U.S. Citizens through the courts.  It may take time...

If you want to own a pair of these boots, go to the HanWag German website and get the info and the size you need and we will process an order for you.  Unfortunately, the Wuhan Flu a.k.a COVID mommy-crisis has hammered the German plant so it may be a while before all sizes are available.  It may take up to 6 months to fulfill an order.  Make sure you are EXACT with regards to the size you desire when ordering as there are NO returns.  Your paid order will ensure your line in the queue to receive these superior jump boots.  If World War III or a depression complicates things, we will refund your payment on request if the factory has *not* begun the construction of your boots AND we can cancel the order.

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