launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launching from Evergreen Turf farms


paragliding training center

Midland Texas Weather Info

Intro to Weather in central Texas

National Weather Service Midland, TX – start here

Meso West Region (Current conditions at stations around Midland, TX)

KMAF Station (current conditions Midland International Airport)

NWS SPC Balloon Soundings

NWS UoW Balloon Soundings – these are usually available before the SPC soundings

NWS hourly graphical forecast – temp, winds, & gusting at the surface

Jet Stream & 4 day forecast

Lubbock US Airnet winds & temps aloft

NOAA Satellite image of clouds over central Texas

National forecast of fronts, pressure & weather – easy to read

Soaring Forecasts – (go here for the thermal index)

ADDS – wind & temp forecasts at various altitudes

Dixon White's Notes on Desert Flying (courtesy of Eagle Paragliding)

Wind Map – animated map of winds over the surface of the U.S.

Wind History Map – actual vs. forecasts