launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launching from Evergreen Turf farms


paragliding training center


"The term 'he' is used instead of 'he/she' and other such linguistically terrible constructs. The term is not used to imply gender, but specifies a member of the human race, otherwise known as the race of Man, or Mankind. This includes equally all  genders of our species." – Hang Gliding / Paragliding Association of Canada

We at Southwest Airsports also use the term "he" to indicate male/female because men are at the top the chain that preserves our civilization (or what's left of it).  The feminists have been silent for decades about the requirement that all men 18-26 years of age must register for the draft.  The men, as usual, must do the "heavy lifting" to protect our country -- whether they like it or not.  Feminism?  hypocrisy?  What's the difference?  Hey, you phonies -- sign up for the draft!  You want the benefits of peace and civilization but are unwilling to pay the price which means death, being maimed, or spending time in an enemy prison.  What is it like in a POW camp in some Rag-Head country?  Think about it.