"The term 'he' is used instead of 'he/she' and other such linguistically terrible constructs. The term is not used to imply gender, but specifies a member of the human race, otherwise known as the race of Man, or Mankind. This includes equally all genders of our species." – Hang Gliding/Paragliding Association of Canada

We at Southwest Airsports also use the term "he" on this website to indicate male/female for the same reason.  American English, including our political and cultural institutions, does not belong to the feminists and other social radicals.

Furthermore, we are not interested in your sex life and we do not want to hear about it.  It has nothing to do with paragliding.  If you have physical affections for other humans, animals, and/or things please demonstrate those affections elsewhere.  We do not care nor do we need nor want to know.  This is a paragliding school NOT a sex forum.  Our purpose is to help students fly safely and not kill or injure themselves while paragliding.

Selective service registration notice for young men

Per the feminists, men (males) are the ones that, when necessary, often must pay the ultimate price to preserve our civilization (or what's left of it) from dangerous enemies who hate anything American.  The feminists have been silent concerning the draft – the requirement that all men 18-26 years of age must register which, often enough, can result in one's death.  The draft is involuntary.  Where were these women and their supporters during the Civil War?  World War I?  World War II? The Korean War? The Viet Nam War?  The Middle East conflicts?  For every woman killed during the Viet Nam War, 10,000 men were killed.  Have the feminists objected to this gross inequality of death?

gravestone of a Viet Nam veteran in Oklahoma

Southwest Airsports salutes the men who enlisted during the wars including the draftees, in particular, who had no choice but to serve their country.  We salute the women who stayed home and took care of their children and families and did what they could to serve and help their men and the war effort.  The father-in-law of Mr. Robinson was a WWII veteran of the D-Day invasion which saved the world from the tyranny of the National Socialist German Workers' Party i.e. the NAZI's.

Southwest Airsports proudly trains members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thank you.  Please, always fly safely.

Turkey Vulture