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Polini Thor 130

The Thor models share a common design.  The info below is unique for the 130.  Please see the Thor all models section for info that is not found here.  The Top 80 section has detailed info on things like the carburetor function and tune up (used by all Miniplane and Polini engines), and troubleshooting issues.

Carburetor – The stock main jet on the Thor is a #130.  If your engine is not purring like a kitten in the mid-range, you need your WG-8 tuned.

Flash starter – The Thor flash starter has serious problems.  Here is the best fix for it at this time.

Fuel consumption, performance tuned – 1.6L/hr. (0.42 gal/hr.) Range is approx. 7.5 hours for 12 liters of fuel.  Inexpensive and reflex gliders,
     wooden propellers, heavy pilots, and un-tuned engines will burn considerably more.

Parts diagram Thor 130

Spark plug NGK BR10EG gap 0.9mm (0.035") Note: this is a resistor type spark plug.  Pilots may also use the B10EG/ES or the B9EG/ES.
     Use of a non-resistor plug may increase the amount of noise created by the ignition that is picked up by a two-way radio.

Specifications – What is not here can be found in the "User & Maintenance Manual" below.

User & Maintenance Manual

User & maintenance manual – older models

Weight – 24.5 kg (54 lb) all up weight at take-off minus fuel