launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launching from Evergreen Turf farms


paragliding training center

Directions to the Evergreen Turf Farms

Always check with us before coming out.

31.8355° -106.6942° Evergreen Turf Farms field headquarters

At this time, we must use turf farm #4 for tow training.  Turf farm #1 may be used for kiting if students stay off the north end of the farm where the alfalfa is growing.  However, any of the turf farms can be closed at any time.  Farm #1 (see photo below) is easy to find as it is visible from Hwy 136.  Farm #4 is more difficult to get to.  Look for our 15' long orange windsock and a group of vehicles on the perimeter.  Note: We can be anywhere because of wind direction, turf conditions, or by request of the farm manager.

For directions to the other farms, also see the photo below.

Directions to the turf farms

1. Take Exit 8 on I-10 (Artcraft Road/Pete Domenici Hwy 136/178) and go west and then south for about 8 miles to Strauss Rd and turn right (west) at the traffic light.

2. Continue on Straus Rd 0.25 miles and you will see turf farm #1 directly on your right.  The dirt road to the farm headquarters in on your left.  There is now a gate on the road to the headquarters.  It is usually locked after hours.

Study the photo carefully for how to get to the other farms.  Nothing is marked, there are no road signs.  It is best to get to the farm headquarters first in order to get to turf farms #2-4.  All farms have a perimeter road and there is at least one road between the farms.  STAY OFF THE TURF!

To order turf:  Call (575) 589-0401

The view below is northeast.

Evergreen Sod Farms, Santa Teresa, NM