launch at Valle de Bravo, Mexico powered paraglider launch at Gardiner Turf Grass farms


paragliding training center

Evergreen Turf Sod Farms

31.83685° -106.70602° 4,081' MSL

Directions to the Sod Farms.

Gardner Turfgrass Sod Farms

A PPG and PG training-towing site and our safest and best area to train in the region.  This site is available through the generosity of Evergreen Turf, Inc.  First time visitors will need a guide – please contact us as there are hazards at the site (watch dogs, power lines, irrigation equipment, etc.)  Do not drive any vehicles on the grass. Please stay out of the way of all workmen and their equipment.

Users may always send a note of thanks to the Manager, Evergreen Turf, Inc. P.O. Box 18 Santa Teresa, NM 88008.

Below, the towing rig setup can just be seen at the western edge of the most southern sod farm.

Gardner Turfgrass Sod Farms

Kiting practice at the sod farm.  Pilot is Otis Gillespie of Ventura California.

Gardner Turfgrass Sod Farms

The sod farms looking northeast.  This photo includes the newer 4th sod farm.

location of Gardner Turfgrass sod farms