Dona Ana County Airport

31° 52.640'N  106° 42.140'W 4,111'

This is a PPG site ONLY. Stay south of the taxi-ways & run-ways. All PPG pilots must register with the airport manager, Vernon Wilson and notify the airport authorities when they intend to fly at the airport. All PPG pilots must have a UNICOM radio in order to announce flight plans, etc. and hear airport traffic. For info, contact the airport manager at 575-589-1232. First time visitors should have a guide.

Dona Ana County Airport - New Mexico

Zak Hargraves kiting on the tarmac west of the War Eagles Museum at the airport.  In a moment, Zak will start his engine and take off.  The asphalt here is very smooth and, of course, flat.  The air here goes up during the day because of the hot asphalt which is good for ultralights.

paraglider kiting

Turkey Vulture